Iíve always had a fascination with whirlpools and tornadoes. In October 2002, I finally realized that I had to build a tornado generator. The result is pictured below (the tornado is about 5 feet tall).

I found the tornado generator to be very beautiful and fascinating. Shortly after building it, I realized that I couldnít stop there. During the week before winter break, I definitely spent more time thinking about the next tornado generator than I did thinking about classes/finals. In the process, I actually learned a lot about the physics of tornadoes and how they form in nature. Ok, thatís enough talk for now. With the much-appreciated help of two friends over winter break, I completed the next version (note: next, not last ;)), here are some pictures:

More flame tornadoes More mist tornadoes

Watch a video of a flame tornado (~ 1.4 MB). Watch a video of a mist tornado (~ 2 MB).

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